Rationale For Digital Signage:

In-store technology attracts and entertains retail customers.

"Study finds that 76% of consumers entered a site because a digital sign was interesting; An additional 75% of consumers have told others about a store because they were impressed by the signage."

Digital Signage Today, March 2016.

Rationale For Network Marketing:

A Point of Purchase "POP" display may appear from the back of the store to the cash register. POP can build desire and help change a consumer’s mind. Businesses and franchisees draw most of their customers from a 5-mile radius of their locations. Consumers and businesses satisfy most of their basic needs, such as shopping, dining, fitness, administrative services, etc. from their nearby communities. Trends toward local food and product sourcing and local investing indicate that more of our basic needs can and will be satisfied nearby (http://www.locavesting.com).

Marketing has evolved with technology, and trends have lead away from traditional print, broadcast TV and radio toward social media, in-film branding and subtler forms of product placement. One constant remains: The image is the best way to communicate your brand to your customers. An effective image attracts new customers. More importantly, a great image reminds existing customers of your brand and compells them to talk about you to others. Repeat business is much more effective to your bottom line than new customer acquisition, according to studies by the Harvard Business School and others.But also, the best way to attract new customers is with existing customers. Exisiting customers not only supply 80% of business revenues, they're also your most effective sales force. How do you compell them to sell for you? You remind them with images.

IBN has partnered directly with the most popular venues in town to create the most effective way for your business to draw new customers and to remind your existing customers to refer you. IBN has installed HDTV monitors in high traffic retail sites. Our indoor billboards provide branding at a cost below $5 per thousand views (CPM). We can do this because of the unique partnership we have with our host businesses. Our development team helps you create an impresssion that makes your business resonate with prospective and existing clients and reinforces you as a consistent, reliable provider in your growing community.

Blogs and social media require your clients to log in and search, which requires technology, effort and band width. Our content is stored on location servers, not streamed, so it plays even if the internet is down...and it requires no customer device or effort to be seen.

However, for the smart phone addicts, we also provide an index of advertisers on our site, and our sponsors' ads are made portable and can be found on social media and on sponsor websits if they choose. We work with our Network Advertisers to set up whatever social media links they think are most effective.

It`s 8x more effective to bring back an existing customer

than to get a new customer!