Indoor Billboard Network-North Shore (IBN)

Indoor Billboard Network-North Shore (IBN) provides digital signage solutions and manages an array of digital billboards with support from N-Compass TV* of Lakewood Colorado. N-Compass TV provides programming and creative services, along with automated content management through its proprietary software, "System TV".

Location Screen Sharing involves a network of web connected Indoor Billboards, (HD TV’s), in various locations frequented by the community. Proprietary content management software allows us to remotely manage what appears throughout the billboard network.

Locations are referred to as Network Partners, or "Hosts" and tend to be unique and well known in their community. IBN provides the hardware and creates messaging and digital signage to allow hosts to communicate to clients in their stores. Hosts include various Dunkin Donuts, IGA Grocery Stores, local gyms and fitness centers, high volume medical facilities, auto dealers, car washes and the most popular delis, cafes and bagelries in town (see current host list)

IBN also prepares content for Network Advertisers and displays the advertisers' content at the host locations, giving them effective "top of mind" relevance, triggering word of mouth marketing at that location. Network Advertisers do not include direct competitors of the Host. But we have a diverse array of hosts to ensure that advertisers can always be featured in a non-competing host location. IBN also ensures a level of exclusivity for advertisers with a promise that no more than two direct competitors will appear at any one location.